Rhode Island Statutes of Limitation

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Rhode Island Statutes of Limitation

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Rhode Island Statutes of Limitation

Contracts and open accounts: 10 years (9-1-13(a)).

Breach of a sales agreement under the UCC: 4 years, (6A-2- 725(1 )).

Contracts or liabilities under seal and judgments: 20 years, (9-1-17).

Hospital liens: 1 year from payment, (9-3-6).

Against insurer to enforce repairer's lien: 1 year from payment to insured, (9-3-11).

Support obligations of common law father: 6 years, (15-8-4).

Mechanic's lien: notice given is one year and one hundred twenty days, (34-28-10. 10).
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