Lynch Jewelry Co. v. Bass

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Lynch Jewelry Co. v. Bass

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Lynch Jewelry Co. v. Bass
220 Ala. 96, 124 So. 222
Ala. 1929.
October 17, 1929

Appeal from Circuit Court, Jefferson County; C. B. Smith, Judge.
Action by Annie L. Bass against the Lynch Jewelry Company. Judgment for plaintiff and defendant appeals. Transferred from Court of Appeals under Code 1923, § 7326. Reversed and remanded.

The complaint, as amended, consists of three counts, the first alleging that the defendant's agents or servants, “whilst acting then and there within the line and scope of their said services to, agency of, or employment by defendant corporation, falsely and maliciously charged plaintiff with being a thief, and with being a liar and with concealing personal property with the intent of hindering, delaying or defrauding some person who had a claim thereon, with full knowledge of the existence of such claim.â€
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