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Oregon Revised Statute, Chapter 646, Section 646.639 et seq.
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Chapter 697 — Collection Agencies; Debt Consolidating Agencies



697.005 Definitions for ORS 697.005 to 697.095

697.015 Registration required to operate as collection agency

697.031 Registration procedure; bond or letter of credit; fees; procedures for out-of-state collection agencies; rules

697.039 Revocation, suspension or refusal to issue or renew registration

697.045 Status of accounts and claims assigned to agency; rights of assignor; appearance in small claims or justice court; registration as condition of access to courts

697.053 Registration exclusive regulation; local fees authorized

697.058 Agency records; business office; trust accounts; reporting requirements; audit of trust accounts; cost of audit; exemptions

697.063 Status of business records and bank accounts following revocation of registration; liquidation; expenses and attorney fees

697.085 Rules

697.086 Rules for collection of child support payments

697.087 Injunction; damages; attorney fees; limitation on actions

697.091 Fees or compensation received in violation of law; disposition

697.093 Enforcement

697.094 Orders issued under ORS 697.093

697.095 Civil penalties

697.105 Fee for collection of debt owed public body; notice to debtor; amount

697.115 Fee for collection of commercial debt; amount; limit


697.602 Definitions for ORS 697.602 to 697.842

697.612 Registration required to operate as debt consolidating agency

697.622 Exemptions from requirements under ORS 697.602 to 697.842

697.632 Registration procedure; certificates; fees; rules

697.642 Bond required

697.652 Content and effective date of debt consolidating contract or agreement; client’s copy

697.662 Prohibited practices

697.672 Record maintenance requirements

697.682 Management of client funds

697.692 Fees

697.702 Interference with records of debt consolidating agency

697.707 Disclosure of fees; effect

697.712 Agency cancellation of contract or agreement without client authorization

697.722 Execution or attachment of trust account funds

697.732 Audits; investigations; access; public disclosure requirements and exemptions

697.742 Investigatory powers; subpoenas

697.752 Grounds for denial, revocation or suspension of registration; conditions; procedures

697.762 Enjoining violations; attorney fees; damages

697.772 Judgment against agency; recovery under bond

697.782 Filing claim against agency with director; hearing; limitation on claims

697.792 Removing claim to court; attorney fees; notice; claim priorities

697.802 Effect of final determination by director

697.812 Priorities for satisfaction of claims from bond; limitation on filing claims

697.822 Remedy not exclusive

697.825 Enforcement; orders

697.832 Civil penalties

697.842 Disposition of moneys received by director


697.990 Penalties

697.992 Jurisdiction of courts


697.005 Definitions for ORS 697.005 to 697.095. As used in ORS 697.005 to 697.095:

(1)(a) “Collection agencyâ€
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