Cook v. General Revenue Corp.

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Cook v. General Revenue Corp.

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Cook v. General Revenue Corp., cause no. 02-1306 (U.S.D.C. E.D. Pa. 8/01) Http:// ... D0635P.htm

Judge Waldman. Debt Collect, GRC, sought to collect a debt plaintiff allegedly owed RACC. Plaintiff sued GRC under debt collection laws and FCRA. Defendant filed two Motions to Dismiss. Plaintiff alleged that she disputed the alleged debt and told GRC that she had previously paid said indebtedness yet GRC kept harassing her and dunning her. Plaintiff further asserted claims under the FCRA, 1681b(f) and 1681q in that GRC pulled her credit report with knowledge or reason to know the debt had been paid or otherwise was barred by Statue of Limitations. The Court denied defendant’s Motions to Dismiss.
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