FTC complaint re LVNV Funding, Resurgent

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I will gladly join you.

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LVNV funding is also reporting a collection account as open on my credit report. The account they purchased in 2003 was charged off by the original creditor in 2002. :twisted: I called the SC office and asked how they could list an account as open if it was a collection attempt? :?: I received a fax number to fax my dispute to (866-467-0957 in case you need it) and a PO Box to mail the dispute letter to. I seriously doubt that anything will be resolved because I filed a dispute with the CRA in January and of course they stated everything was accurate. Oh ... by the way the amount they say I owe is more than the amount the original creditor charged off? How is that even possible? Your post is part of what made me take a closer look at my original dispute. Kudos and thank you for showing me what to look for. :P :lol:

LVNV Funding

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My mother in law is having the same problem you mentioned. Even after we asked for verification, they opened a credit filing on Equifax.

We also filled a complaint with the Attorney General of Florida. Not sure if that means anything.

Have you made any more progress or have you gotten a lawyer?
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