Who Are These Guys?

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David A. Szwak
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Who Are These Guys?

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Colonial Credit Corporation
Same address, Suite #504
Same B.S., Same idiots!
Same lies, Same BOGUS Affidavits
Same CRAP!
All are subsidiaries of Wolpoff & Abramson

Great Seneca Financial Corp.
700 King Farm Road
Suite #503
Rockville, MD 20850
15200 Shady Grove Rd.
Rockville, MD 21202
Aka/Platinum Financial Services Corp.
700 King Farm Blvd.
Suite #501
Rockville, MD 21202
Aka/First Residential Mortgage Network, Inc.
9500 Ormsby Station Road
Louisville, KY 40223-4027

Web Address: www.wolpofflaw.com

http://www.budhibbs.com/debtcollectorpa ... seneca.htm
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