Who Are These Guys?

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Who Are These Guys?

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About 1st NationWide Resources Group, Inc.

Company Summary

Companies utilizing the resources of our full-service collection agency have vastly improved their volume of recoveries and the effectiveness of their collections programs, whether you are in the early, mid or charge-off stage of the collection process.

Our client base is comprised largely of businesses selling to consumers via retail or services based products. This includes hospitals, medical billing organizations, consumer products organizations, professional services organizations, hotels, utility companies, and direct marketers. We also have an active commercial collection business.

1st NationWide Collection Agency, Inc. is an asset recovery services company. We provide an extensive set of product offerings: a variety of early delinquency programs, multiple collection programs, all of which are supplemented with automated skip tracing, multi vendor NCOA address improvement sources, credit reporting, and legal recourse remedies ranging from judgment collections to suit initiation management against individuals and corporations.

1st NationWide Collection Agency, Inc. is a member of ACA International, the American Collectors Association, California Collectors Association, and the Better Business Bureau, and insists upon ethical and professional behavior. The company subscribes to the philosophy of "returning non-paying accounts to active customer status." We accomplish this directive with persistent, yet professional communications by our FDCPA-trained collection personnel to obtain results without harassment and devaluation of the debtor. Spending a lot of time on your collections effort can end up costing you money. By using a vendor with accurate data and the latest technology, you can speed up your collections effort - giving you the most direct route to the money. We increase the velocity of recoveries.

Whether you are in the early, mid or charge-off stage of the collection process, 1st Nationwide offers a suite of products designed to expedite collections activity. We have state of the art vendor relationships that let us locate hard-to-find debtors quickly. Stop searching and use the services of 1st NationWide to start collecting with our advanced skip tracing tools. When you need to manage collections by type of account, you need a single, low-cost source. We routinely prioritize accounts most likely to pay. We segment your accounts and determine the most appropriate action to take - quickly and easily - with advanced scoring and segmentation solutions.

Successful collection management incorporates relevant data, proper strategy implementation and ongoing performance monitoring.
Leveraging your collection resources on accounts with the greatest potential helps you maximize your recoveries.
Accessing industry trends, innovations and controlled testing of new ideas are essential to refining your strategy to balance resources and returns.
Application of technology reduces processing time and results in better data on which to base our collection strategies.

1st NationWide Resources Group, Inc. is the parent company of 1st NationWide Collection Agency, Inc. and is a receivables management services company offering a full range of analysis, training and program management geared to optimize the performance of an organization's accounts receivable process by increasing cash flow, reducing bad debt expense, minimizing credit risk and delivering immediate returns to a company's bottom line. 1st NationWide Resources Group, Inc. has the expertise to assist your organization in narrowing the receivables performance gap and provides consulting services to improve managerial controls and techniques to tune up your team and processes, along with an integrated selection of outsourced and on-site solutions to accelerate and enhance each phase of the receivables cycle.


We operate a client call center in Thousand Oaks, California and also have offshore call center capacity. The offshore call centers have secure access to our "outsource" databases for work list queuing and call result recording.

We can customize letters to your specification with complete letter printing and mailing services and can manage a virtually unlimited daily volume of calls or outbound mail demand.

1st NationWide Resources Group, Inc. has actively invested in technology and operates Microsoft Windows2000 servers with RaidV storage units. Our data base systems are SQL based and allow for flexibility in accommodating client data transmittal and reporting requirements. All databases are electronically backed up off site daily.

We provide each client with secure (HTTPS) mailbox capabilities for uploading of placement files and downloading of performance reports and remittance reports. We can download from and upload to client FTP sites.

We can accommodate most any data format for account placement. We accept electronic payment update information from our clients. Clients can make adjustments to accounts via our secure website.

We have many strategic outsourced electronic vendor relationships that allow us to constantly update debtor data, accept payment via credit card, ACH, check by phone, check by mail, payment by wire transfer and debtors can pay via credit card and electronic check on our secure website. We can process tens of thousands of new accounts per day and initiate letters and debtor calls automatically through our data systems.

We have a state of the art T1 digital voice and data services and route incoming calls via ACD (automatic call director) software and monitor all incoming and outgoing calls for quality and training purposes. We have auto dialer capabilities with an upper limit of 10,000 call initiations per hour. We also have relationships with offshore call centers that receive daily call instructions by accessing a secure server in our offices via the internet; the offshore call results are entered in real time on a secure server and transferred daily to our in-house database.
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