Can debt collectors write to my employer?

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Can debt collectors write to my employer?

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Can debt collectors write to my employer to confirm location or other information?

Collectors who have not previously contacted your employer can send a letter asking for verification of your employment and location only. Asking for pay or other personal information is prohibited!

Also, they must not send written messages that are easily accessible to third parties, such as computerized billing statements that can be seen on the envelope itself or that violates section 805 (5). This section also prohibits debt collectors, when seeking location information from third parties, from using their actual name in their letterhead or elsewhere in a written communication, if the name indicates collection activity (such as a name containing the word "debt," "collector" or "collection")

Assuming the collector previously contacted your employer by phone to verify your place of employment, then Section 804(3) prohibits communicating with that employer again for the same purpose.
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