Asset Acceptance Reveals Costs

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Asset Acceptance Reveals Costs

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Asset Acceptance Reveals Costs . . .

Collection Agency Asset Acceptance Reveals How Much They're Paying For Charged-Off Debts
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Collection agency and debt buyer Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. has said it will close two of its offices: one in Michigan and one in Maryland. This comes on the heels of their most recent earnings report.

The company increased their investments in purchased receivables by 33.9 percent for the full year 2006 from 2005 levels, and saw revenues increase 14.3 percent. But the interesting point is that during the fourth quarter of 2006, the Company invested a record $62.2 million to purchase charged-off consumer debt portfolios with a face value of $2.5 billion, which means that Asset Acceptance is buying debt at 2.46 cents on the dollar.
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