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Performance Capital, LLC

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1. Hinton v. State,
--- So.2d ----, 2006 WL 1125605, Ala.Crim.App., April 28, 2006

...and Objections. Even assuming that defense counsel's apparent ignorance that the cap on expert expenses had been lifted constituted deficient performance, capital murder defendant failed to show that he was prejudiced by that deficient performance, despite his claim that counsel did not...


2. Jones v. State,
128 P.3d 521, 2006 OK CR 5, Okla.Crim.App., January 27, 2006

...defense counsel's failure to object to admission of expert testimony comparing chemical compositions of lead bullets could be considered substandard performance, capital murder defendant was not prejudiced thereby, and, as such, defense counsel did not render ineffective assistance, as an altogether different...


3. Marcus v. Frome,
329 F.Supp.2d 464, Fed. Sec. L. Rep. P 92,890, S.D.N.Y., August 09, 2004

... United States District Court, S.D. New York. Bernard MARCUS, Performance Capital LLC and Webnet Design LLC, Plaintiffs, v. Robert FROME and Olshan Grundman Frome Rosenzweig & Wolesky, LLP, Defendants. Andrew Chandler, Plaintiff...

...and the law firm Olshan Grundman Frome Rosenzweig & Wolosky, LLP (“Olshanâ€
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