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Texas Asset Protection Overview
Texas debtors may chooose from either the state or federal bankruptcy exemptions.

Texas is a traditionally debtor-friendly state, having expansive and unlimited exemptions for homestead, life insurance policies and their cash value, and annuities. Additionally, Article 16, Section 28 of the Texas state constitution bans the garnishment of wages, except for child or spousal support. Literally decades of litigation regarding oil & gas partnerships gives Texas perhaps the best limited partnership laws of all states. However, the new Bankruptcy legislation caps the unlimited homestead exemption at $125,000 if the homestead property is acquired within 1215 days of filing the bankruptcy petition.

Texas Statutory Creditor Exemptions
For additional detailed information on the use of life insurance, annuities, pension plans, and employee benefit plans for wealth preservation and asset protection, see advanced life insurance

Texas Homestead
The Texas homestead exemption is mandated by state Constitution. The homestead exemption value is unlimited. The exemption is limited to ten acres in a city or town.

Section 51 of Article XVI was amended effective 1/1/2000 the new section reads:

"The homestead, not in a town or city, shall consist of not more than two hundred acres of land, which may be in one or more parcels, with the improvements thereon; the homestead in a city, town or village, shall consist of lot or contiguous lots amounting to not more than 10 acres of land, together with any improvements on the land; provided, that the homestead in a city, town, or village shall be used for the purposes of a home, or as both an urban home and a place to exercise a calling or business, of the homestead claimant, whether a single adult person, or the head of a family; provided also, that any temporary renting of the homestead shall not change the character of the same, when no other homestead has been acquired; provided further that a release or refinance of an existing lien against a homestead as to a part of the homestead does not create an additional burden on the part of the homestead property that is unreleased or subject to the refinance, and a new lien is not invalid only for that reason."


Texas Homestead Exemption Cases
In re Norris
No. 04-51215 (5th Cir. 06/20/2005)

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. v. Cook,
2004.TX.0004509 (Tex.App. Dist.11 06/17/2004)

Wilcox v. Marriott,
103 S.W.3d 469 (Tex.App. Dist.4 01/08/2003)

Texas Life Insurance
Life insurance benefits, including proceeds and cash values are to be paid or rendered to the beneficiary or the insured.

Texas employee uniform group insurance plans are exempt.

Texas Annuities
Annuity contract proceeds are exempt.

Texas IRAs & Pension Plans
ERISA qualified government benefits or church benefits, including Keoghs and IRA's, are exempt.

County officers and district employee pension plans are exempt.

Texas Fraudulent Transfers
For additional detailed information relating to fraudulent transfers, including the text of the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act, see fraudulent transfers

Texas Fraudulent Transfer Act
Texas Fraudulent Transfer Act
Texas Fraudulent Transfer Cases
Federal District Court

Beijing Sansheng Development Corp. v. Advertisement Technology Corp.,
No. SA-01-CA-0522 (W.D.Tex. 03/27/2003)

Federal Circuit Court
Albert Strangi v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue,
417 F.3d 468 (5th Cir. 07/15/2005)

David A. Kimbell, Sr. v. United States of America,
371 F.3d 257(5th Cir. 05/20/2004)

In re Gandy,
299 F.3d 489 (5th Cir. 07/22/2002)

Trinity Gas Corp. v. Taylor,
276 F.3d 699 (5th Cir. 01/04/2002)

Haralson v. E.F. Hutton Group Inc.,
919 F.2d 1014 (5th Cir. 12/26/1990) Civil Conspiracy

Mack v. Newton,
737 F.2d 1343 (5th Cir. 08/06/1984) Civil Conspiracy

State Appellate Court
William Chu v. Chong Hui Hong
2005 Tex.App. LEXIS (Tex.App. 10/20/2005)

Hoard Gainer Industry Co., Ltd. v. A. John Knapp,
No. 14-04-01032-CV (Tex.App. 09/08/2005)

Herbert and Amy Goebel v. William Brandley,
No. 14-04-00510-CV (Tex.App. 08/30/2005)

Michael Schaefer, et al. v. Bellfort Chateau L.P.,
No. 14-04-00254-CV (Tex.App. 08/18/2005)

Nancy J. Wolfram v. Lou Ann Wolfram, et al.,
No. 04-03-00686-CV (Tex.App. 04/06/2005)

Jose Lopez Flores and Maria Flores v.
Robinson Roofing & Construction Company, Inc.,
NO. 2-03-057-CV (Tex.App. 03/24/2005)

Yokogawa Corporation of America v. Skye International Holdings, et al.,
No. 05-04-00134-CV (Tex.App. 03/10/2005)

Jose Lopez Flores and Maria Flores v.
Robinson Roofing & Construction Co. Inc.,
No. 2-03-057-CV (Tex.App. 01/13/2005)

Metra United Escalante, L.P., et al. v. The Lynd Company,
No. 04-04-00540-CV (Tex.App. 12/29/2004)

Nancy J. Wolfram v. Lou Ann Wolfram, et al.,
No. 04-03-00686-CV (Tex.App. 12/29/2004)

Cadle Company v. Wilson,
2004.TX.0003590 (Tex.App. Dist.3 05/13/2004)

Stokes v. Ferris,
2004.TX.0003587 (Tex.App. Dist.3 05/13/2004)

CM Asfahl Agency v. Tensor, Inc .,
No. 01-01-00692-CV (Tex.App. Dist.1 01/29/2004)

SITQ E.U., Inc. v. Reata Restaurants, Inc.,
111 S.W.3d 638 (Tex.App. Dist.2 05/22/2003)

Martinek v. Farmers & Merchants State Bank of Krum,
No. 2-02-334-CV (Tex.App. Dist.2 05/01/2003) Civil Conspiracy

Walker v. Geer,
99 S.W.3d 244 (Tex.App. Dist.1 01/16/2003) Civil Conspiracy

D & KW Family, L.P. v. Rampart Capital Corp.,
No. 01-01-00156-CV (Tex.App. Dist.1 07/18/2002)

Parker v. Lancon,
2002.TX.0003488 (Tex.App. Dist.14 05/23/2002)

Patel v. Kuciemba,
2002.TX.0003085 (Tex.App. Dist.13 05/23/2002)

Johnston v. Crook,
2002.TX.0002393 (Tex.App. Dist.14 04/11/2002)

Telephone Equipment Network, Inc. v. TA/Westchase Place, Ltd.,
2002.TX.0001709 (Tex.App. Dist.1 03/21/2002)

FCLT Loans, L.P. v. Estate of Bracher,
2002.TX.0001248 (Tex.App. Dist.14 02/28/2002)

Duran v. Henderson,
71 S.W.3d 833 (Tex.App. Dist.6 02/22/2002)

Lentino v. Cullen Center Bank and Trust,
2002.TX.0001250 (Tex.App. Dist.14 02/14/2002)

Parker v. Lancon,
2002.TX.0003934 (Tex.App. Dist.14 02/07/2002)

In re Steger Energy Corp.,
2002.TX.0000121 (Tex.App. Dist.4 01/09/2002)

Williams v. Performance Diesel, Inc.,
2002.TX.0002366 (Tex.App. Dist.14 04/18/2002)

Gluck v. Sky Island Partnership, Ltd.,
2001.TX.0006183 (Tex.App. Dist.8 09/27/2001)

Matteson v. El Paso County, Texas,
2001.TX.0005062 (Tex.App. Dist.8 08/10/2001)

Blackthorne v. Bellush,
61 S.W.3d 439 (Tex.App. Dist.4 07/05/2001)

Compania Financiara Libano, S.A. v. Simmons,
53 S.W.3d 365 (Tex. 06/21/2001)

First National Bank of Seminole, Texas v. Hooper,
48 S.W.3d 802 (Tex.App. Dist.8 05/17/2001)

1994 Land Fund II v. Ramur, Inc.,
2001.TX.0000831 (Tex.App. Dist.5 02/05/2001) Civil Conspiracy

Skelley v. Hayden,
2000.TX.0053440 (Tex.App. Dist.5 09/05/2000)

Haught v. Agricultural Production Credit Association,
39 S.W.3d 252 (Tex.App. Dist.1 12/29/2000)

Harco Energy, Inc. v. The Re-Entry People, Inc.,
23 S.W.3d 389 (Tex.App. 02/02/2000)

Davis v. Berger,
2000.TX.0042376 (Tex.App. Dist.5 01/20/2000)

Cedar Bayou Baptist Church v. Gregory-Edwards Inc.,
987 S.W.2d 156 (Tex.App. Dist.14 02/04/1999)

Leibman v. Yana Grand,
981 S.W.2d 426 (Tex.App. Dist.8 10/01/1998)

Bahr v. Kohr,
980 S.W.2d 723 (Tex.App. Dist.4 08/26/1998)

Karryn Matlock, v. John McCormick, Individual
1997.TX.1224 (Tex. 05/02/1997)

Earl and Gail Newsome, I v. Charter Bank Colonial
1996.TX.3823 (Tex. 12/31/1996) Civil Conspiracy

Donald M. White and Kathleen White v. Melvin D. Babcock,
1995.TX.947 (Tex.App. 08/28/1995) Civil Conspiracy

Michael H. Vosko, v. The Chase Manhattan Bank
1995.TX.923 (Tex.App. 08/28/1995)

Mobile America Housing C v. Gayle Schroder; Statewide
1995.TX.831 (Tex.App. 08/18/1995)

Harry Englert v. Edith Englert
881 S.W.2d 517 (Tex.App. Dist.7 07/18/1994)

Manuel Zuniga v. Groce
878 S.W.2d 313 (Tex.App. Dist.4 05/31/1994)

International Paper Company v. Honorable Robert Garza
872 S.W.2d 18 (Tex.App. Dist.13 01/28/1994)

Airflow Houston v. John H. Theriot
849 S.W.2d 928 (Tex.App. Dist.1 03/25/1993)

Michael Hogan v. Credit Motors
827 S.W.2d 392 (Tex.App. Dist.4 02/12/1992)

Roland Edward Dyer v. Shelby Eckols
808 S.W.2d 531 (Tex.App. Dist.14 04/04/1991)

J. Michael Putman v. Dorothy Griffith Stephenson
805 S.W.2d 16 (Tex.App. Dist.5 02/01/1991)

Grand Prairie Independent School District and
City Grand Prairie v. Southern Parts Imports
803 S.W.2d 762 (Tex.App. Dist.5 01/09/1991)

NCNB Texas National Bank v. Sterling Projects
789 S.W.2d 358 (Tex.App. Dist.5 04/24/1990)

June Williams v. Honorable Menton Murray
783 S.W.2d 233 (Tex.App. Dist.13 11/30/1989)

Irene Zisblatt v. Jack Zisblatt
693 S.W.2d 944 (Tex.App. Dist.2 07/17/1985)

BancTexas Dallas v. Michael Cornwell
683 S.W.2d 104 (Tex.App. Dist.5 12/10/1984)

Fidel Leal v. Narciso Cortez
603 S.W.2d 262 (Tex.App. Dist.13 06/30/1980)

Dorothy Hollins Et Vir. v. Rapid Transit Lines
440 S.W.2d 57 (Tex. 04/23/1969)

Dorothy Hollins v. Rapid Transit Lines
430 S.W.2d 57 (Tex.App. Dist.14 05/29/1968)

Texas Trusts
For additional detailed information relating to the use of trusts for asset protection, including foreign and domestic asset protection trusts, see trusts.

Texas Trust Act (Non Self-Settled)
Texas Trust Act
Texas Trust Act (Spendthrift Trust)
Texas Spendthrift Trust Act
Texas Spendthrift Trust Cases
Izen v. Catalina
No. 02-21182 (5th Cir. 01/25/2005)

Cheryl Faulkner v. Sharon Tanner Evans Bost,
No. 12-03-00228-CV (Tex.App. 04/14/2004)

Texas Business Entities
Texas Acts
Texas Corporation Act
Texas Limited Partnership Act
Texas Limited Liability Company Act pdf
Texas Charging Order Cases
Angelo Dispensa v. University State Bank,
1997.TX.2375 (Tex.App. Dist.6 08/13/1997)

Texas Alter Ego & Corporate Veil Cases
R.A. Ramming, et al. v. Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, et al.,
No. 03-11160 (5th Cir. 11/05/2004)

Rimade Ltd. v. Hubbard Enterprises, Inc.,
No. 03-11294 (5th Cir. 10/07/2004)

Compaq Computer Corporation v. Ergonome Incorporated,
2004.C05.0002602 (5th Cir. 10/05/2004)

Frank L. Connolly v. Neal Smith et al.,
No. 03-03-00575-CV (Tex.App. 07/15/2004)

Signal Peak Enterprises of Texas, Inc. v. Bettina Investments, Inc.,
No. 05-03-00381-CV (Tex.App. Dist.5 07/06/2004)

Rio Grande Valley Gas Co. v. City of Edinburg,
59 S.W.3d 199 (Tex.App. Dist.1 12/21/2000) pdf

Coleman Cattle Company, Inc. v. Carpentier,
2000.TX.0042773 (Tex.App. Dist.9 02/03/2000)

Pharaon v. Fesco Inc.,
No. 04-98-00540-CV (Tex.App. Dist.4 07/07/1999) pdf

Menetti v. Chavers,
974 S.W.2d 168 (Tex.App. Dist.4 04/22/1998) pdf

Ruby Sears Tigrett v. Gerald M. Pointer
580 S.W.2d 375 (Tex.App. 12/29/1978)

Stephen L. Rosenthal v. Leaseway Texas
544 S.W.2d 180 (Tex.App. 11/18/1976)

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